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SJOM Success Story: Meet Anthony

SJOM's Executive Director Juan Rivera and former participant Anthony Rios

Mario Perez

Seeking a career in a specialized field sometimes means venturing to new uncertain grounds. Antony discovered that this summer when moved from California to Chicago for a job. Unfortunately, as he arrived, the position was given to someone else. This led Anthony to seek help from friends who put him up for a few weeks, but eventually he ran out of money. This is exactly when he felt the need to knock at our doors. With SJOM’s help he was able to find a job in the information technology field, and a month after able to move into a new place.

Anthony shares his story and insights about challenges of income inequality and access for latinos in the information technology field.

Mario Perez

Anthony’s story was featured at our November gala event, in which he spoke about how SJOM guided after moving away from home only to face life on the streets. Our gala audience was very impressed about his journey, which exemplified how homelessness could happen to anyone. He also shared on how he plans to give back to the community that helped him achieve his goals. Inspired by the SJOM’s work, Anthony is gearing up to begin his own organization with the goal of increase latino presence and to eliminate income inequality in the tech world.

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